Some areas in which we have helped our clients recently

and the questions that prompted them to seek advice:

  • Our family home is our major asset. How do we keep it out of the inheritance tax net?
  • I have a short life expectancy. What can I do to save inheritance tax?
  • My main asset is my share portfolio. Will the shares benefit from relief from inheritance tax?
    What happens if I sell them?
  • What can I do with my holiday home to save inheritance tax?
  • I donít want my childrenís spouses to benefit from my estate. Is this possible?
  • I intend retiring abroad. Are there any continuing UK tax issues?
  • Can I make my estate inheritance tax free?
  • How would a trust help me in my circumstances?
  • What should I do about my pension; I hear there are changes? Can I set up a trust to receive the death benefits?
  • I am married and I understand that we can rewrite our wills to save up to £110,000 of tax if our estates total over £550,000. Is this true?
  • I would like to supplement my income from my investments - but I donít mind giving up access to capital to save IHT. Is this possible?
  • Can I ensure that my house is not sold to pay for long term care?

You can read about some of the answers to the above questions on our website, but tax and estate planning is complex, and most of our solutions are bespoke.

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